• To conduct studies and research on topics relevant to the national security and economic and social well-being tof the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region and on other relevant international concerns
  • To provide community services through scientific activities and the convening of symposia, lectures and conferences on topics related to the research agenda of the Center. It also actively assists and promotes the professional development of UAE nationals through training programs
  • The Center also extends support to the government's decision-making process by preparing reports on best policy scenario mix and providing research inputs to decision-makers


Within ECSSR's organizational chart, the Scientific Research Division consists of the following departments:


The main objective of this department is to investigate and analyze the political and military aspects of current or anticipated events that may affect the UAE national security in the local, regional and international arenas, to make recommendations and conduct prospective studies and research on ways to deal with these challenges.

In order to achieve this aim, the department performs the following:


Studies and analyzes domestic political and security issues directly affecting national security and decisionmaking in the UAE and is also involved in the process of developing a comprehensive research plan covering crucial UAE issues.

GCC Studies

Studies and analyzes Gulf issues closely linked to UAE national security and decisionmaking and prepares long-term strategic reports on the Gulf region.

Arab Studies

Studies and analyzes Arab political and security issues in general and Middle East issues important to UAE national security in particular and prepares analytical reports that assist the decision making process in the UAE on Arab issues.

Asian Studies

Pursues and analyzes Asian political and security issues that are closely related to UAE national security.

European North American Studies Studies

Monitors European and North American political and security issues that have a direct impact on UAE national security and prepares studies and reports on issues related to European and North American countries.

Military Studies

Investigates and analyzes military and security crises that have either direct or indirect impact on UAE national security, in order to guide the country‎s strategic military planning. It also prepares reports, studies, and research on military issues in general.


The mission of this department is to conduct economic and social research leading to recommendations to formulate future UAE economic policies and study and analyze economic changes that may influence UAE security and stability at the local, regional and international levels. The department designs plans and programs intended to preserve the high standard of living for citizens, as well as UAE stability and economic growth.

The department undertakes studies in these areas:


The mission of this department is to create comprehensive databases, by employing the latest information and communications technology to effectively support strategic planning in all its aspects for the benefit of researchers and decision makers in the UAE.

The Department conducts a number of tasks such as collecting information related to the field of ECSSR activities, collating and documenting it, and compiling it by using scientific methods. It also builds general, specialized and statistical databases in areas relevant to the work of the ECSSR. It meticulously updates the databases on a regular basis. In addition, it frequently issues information reports to serve researchers and decision-makers. It also gauges public opinion of citizens and residents in the country on various issues of social, economic, political and cultural importance, and makes recommendations as well as offers solutions for tackling various problems and phenomena.

The three main sections of the department are:

Website Section

The Website Section is responsible for maintaining the ECSSR’s comprehensive portal, through which politicians, strategists, researchers, students, and others can access an online treasure of idea repositories, as well as diverse, accurate, and updated information, data, and analysis. The Section also allows visitors to communicate ideas through forums and opinion polls as well as to read up the latest local, regional, and international developments. Center activities and publications are closely followed and updated on the site and e-commerce options are available.

Public Opinion Polls Section

The objective of this section is to evaluate public opinion trends, in addition to undertaking field surveys and studies on various domestic, regional and international issues of interest to the ECSSR. The Center provides the researchers and decisionmakers with data and findings of its surveys to enhance their ability of making decisions on systematic bases. So far the Section has undertaken several studies and surveys on local, regional and international issues.

Information Technology Section

This section provides systems and means of communication through selecting equipment and supervising its maintenance and upgrade. This is in addition to developing computer systems and programs used in the Center and keeping track of new applications available in the fields of technology and information.


This department:

  • Draws up plans for organizing the activities of the Center.Organizes conferences, symposia, lectures and workshops, and follows up on all.
  • Stages of preparation in an appropriate and distinguished way through selecting vital issues as well as outstanding experts and lecturers with the aim of ensuring the success of the event. The unit focuses on political, economic, social and strategic fields that concern the UAE in particular and the Arab Gulf region and the Arab world in general.


Publishing Section

  • Publishes original books Arabic and English that include research papers submitted in conferences, symposia, and seminars the center organizes throughout the year. The department also publishes original books researchers write in collaboration with the department.The researchers may work upon request or research or take the initiative and conduct research in coordination with the department.
  • Publishes books that provide the Arabic reader with the latest in intellectual thought through the translation of outstanding publications that were in great demand when first published in the original language.
  • Publishes refereed studies and research papers in the Strategic Studies and Emirates Occasional Papers series covering political, economic, social and strategic fields related specific to the UAE and the Arab Gulf region and dealing with current issues and developments in the regional and international arenas.
  • Publishes studies and research papers in Arabic on issues relating to international periodicals and outstanding scientific journals. These research studies are published in the International Studies series after obtaining Arabic translation rights.
  • Publishes the Emirates Lecture series, both in Arabic and English, which comprises lectures ECSSR organized within the framework of its various academic activities conducted during the course of the year. This series aims to make information accessible to readers, promote constructive dialogue and serious research, and broaden horizons for interested readers.

Website Section

  • Contributes effectively to translating, editing, proofreading, revising, and preparing various texts for publication.
  • Participates effectively in assessing texts for publication prepared by other departments; translating, editing, and proofreading them; and then incorporating the final changes before submitting them to the printing press.
  • Assists in the Centers efforts to recruit highly qualified candidates in the fields of editing, translating, and proofreading.

Distribution & Book Fairs Section

  • Follows up on and supervises constant communication with interested parties (researchers, academics, readers, subscribers, and research institutions) with the aim of acquainting them with the various activities the center conducts and establishing cooperative ties through inviting them to make a significant contributions to the Center research publications.
  • Distributes the Centers publications to many readers, libraries and bookshops both within and outside the UAE. It also plans participation in local and international book fairs.


This department consists of the following:

News Monitoring Section

  • Monitors the daily political, economic, military, and social events and developments that are of particular significance to UAE national security.
  • Monitors available sources of information and follows television news programs and talk shows related to political, military, and social subjects at the local, regional, and international levels.

Publishing Section

  • Publishes Akhbar Al-Saah, Aalam Al-Youm, and Afaq Al-Mustaqbal (newsletter and magazine, respectively).


The UAE Federation library offers services to researchers and decision makers, not only from within the Center but also from outside, through providing them with information covering all fields of general knowledge (Political Science, Economics, history, Strategic Studies, Statistics, Labor and Population, and Military Science). In addition to providing specific information, the library also offers services such as lending, reference services, and selected dissimination of information.


The main task of this department is to ensure the implementation of regulations, by-laws, and administrative resolutions. It draws up proposals for developing these regulations, taking into account their procedural and human dimensions.

This department undertakes and follows up on all procedures pertaining to the selection and recruitment of new staff for occupying vacant positions, arranges the best work facilities for the Centers employees, and responds to their comments, suggestions, and complaints. It is also involved in developing staff skills and improving their professional performance by providing appropriate training programs. This department is composed of three sections:

Personnel Affairs Section

  • Organizes and documents the employment, promotion, change of status procedures and evaluates the performance of all ECSSR staff.
  • Oversees and facilitates personnel affairs regarding transportation, leave, official assignments, termination of services, renewal of contracts, and resignations.
  • Maintains updated files of ECSSR staff according to their departments, ranks, categories and academic qualifications.
  • Facilitates service procedures for new and old employees regarding housing, expertise certificates, special permission, residence permits, travel tickets and educational services for children of ECSSR staff .
  • Prepares reports and statistics that indicate the size of the Centers manpower.

Recruitment Section

  • Identifies required human resources and initiates moves to attract highly qualified employees.
  • Develops procedures for advertising vacancies, receiving and classifying job applications, and ensures receipt of necessary documentation from candidates.
  • Contributes to the development of relevant competitive examinations for potential candidates in coordination with other departments in the Center.

Training Section

Conducts programs that aim to develop and improve the scientific skills of UAE National workers in the field of studies and research. These programs are the Scientific Research Diploma and specialized training courses.


This department is composed of five sections:

Public Relations Section

  • Promotes the mission, role, activities, and achievements of ECSSR.
  • Builds and strengthens mutual ties between the Center and the local community.
  • Establishes relations between the Center and various local and international news media.
  • Initiates and strengthens exchange and dialogue between the Center and its counterpart think tanks and institutions at the local, regional, and international levels.
  • Seeks to establish mutual interaction between the staff and the administration of the Center.
  • Publishes the Centers Annual Book and other related materials about the Center.

Financial Affairs Section

  • Prepares the annual budget for the Center in coordination with the other departments and units.
  • Monitors expenditures and prepares periodic financial reports.
  • Monitors the funding of research projects, scholarships and training sessions.

Purchasing Section

This section concludes contracts for purchasing the Centers necessities such as material and equipment including books and educational and technical aids from different sources.

Services Section

This section is responsible for providing special administrative services for the various departments and units of the Center, such as services for maintenance and cleaning, security and safety, transport, communication, and housing.