Education and Development: Investing in the Future

The 7th Annual Education Conference

  • 1 - 2 November 2016

As part of the continued interest of the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) in education as the main driver for development and the basis for progress of any society, and in line with UAE policy in giving top priority to education as part of its development plans, the ECSSR will present the 7th annual education conference entitled, “Education and Development: Investing in the Future.”

The conference will concentrate on various perspectives and aspects of the link between modern education based on innovation and creativity on one hand, and real comprehensive development on the other. It will tackle the development dimension in modern education, along with the role education plays in promoting the national economy in the post-oil era. It will also review the relevant efforts made by the UAE in this regard and how the country has become a regional hub for education.

In the same context, the conference will discuss investment opportunities available in this vital field, as well as challenges faced by education at the national level. It will also address the role played by UAE vocational education in development, with an emphasis on certain relevant successful experiments. In addition, the conference will explore education’s role in building national human resources, fostering innovation and advancing scientific research systems. It will examine educational output and its relation to future development in the job market. The conference will adopt a comprehensive concept of development that not only includes its material aspects, but also covers other features such as values and culture. Furthermore, it will examine education’s role in enhancing national identity and other positive social values.

A distinguished panel of officials and experts in the education field will participate, contributing through their research and discussions to the development of the education sector in the UAE. These contributions will provide more innovative ideas and strengthen the vision that promotes education to serve the objectives of knowledge-based national development.