Overseas Postgraduate Studies Scholarships: Towards a Strategy to Enhance National Achievement

Specialized Conference 12

  • 8 October 2012

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) and the Lancaster University co-organized a conference entitled: “Overseas Postgraduate Studies Scholarships: Towards a Strategy to Enhance National Achievement,” on Monday, October 8, 2012.

The conference discussed policies and strategies for sending postgraduate students on scholarships abroad and the way the UAE can benefit from their expertise in the field of academic and scientific research upon their return. The conference adopted a holistic approach on the subject. It discussed the strategies, policies and standards of local institutions and their goals in sending students on scholarships abroad and also shed light on the strategies of a number of foreign educational institutions to which UAE students are sent in terms of how they receive students on scholarships; the policies they pursue for their development in academic and scientific research; and the perceptions and best practices they propose to enhance benefit from academic output.

The conference was characterized by another important aspect in that it allowed students who had previously been sent abroad, and who occupy leading administrative and academic positions in the UAE, to participate by presenting their views, suggestions and observations by taking part in the themes on the strategies of national and foreign institutions.

The ultimate objective of the conference was to ascertain ways through which the UAE can attain maximum benefit from postgraduate students sent on scholarships abroad and utilize their academic capabilities in academic development and scientific research in the UAE.

This conference served several academic segments and sectors and contributed to achieving greater engagement and harmony between various local institutions responsible for overseas scholarships of UAE postgraduate students.

In addition, it sought to strengthen cooperation with foreign educational institutions in order to achieve maximum benefit from academic and scientific research through the pursuance of best practices in this area.