The Book Mother of the Nation: Fatima bint Mubarak ... Principles and Accomplishments

The Book Mother of the Nation: Fatima bint Mubarak … Principles and Accomplishments

  • 25 October 2017

In her life, Her Highness “Mother of the Nation” Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak has adopted humane principles, shaped by her pure instinct and sharp thought. Her clear vision is based on the philosophy that God has given us life and entrusted us with a mission and role to build our world to benefit ourselves and others.

This vision has led Her Highness to uphold noble principles of human and developmental dimensions based on planning and research, especially in the field of women’s empowerment, believing in their ability to build the present and future. It is noteworthy that while planning and working on her initiatives, Her Highness relies on sound methodology. She also lays the practical and theoretical foundations for any program that she believes will make a difference, leave an impact, or help create a strong, distinguished contribution by Emirati women.

Her Highness has given priority to the education and empowerment of women. She has reiterated that for the practical efforts for women’s development to succeed, those efforts need to be in a societal context—emphasizing that no initiative or program can succeed without prior study and clear plans, as well as serious implementation in partnership with government entities and civil society institutions. She also says that it is vital to understand the economic, social, political, and environmental circumstances and factors.

As a principled and wise individual, Her Highness sees the importance for women to invest time and effort in all available opportunities, thereby putting them in a strong position to face challenges so that they can achieve their ambitions and aspirations. Therefore, the development strategies set by the wise leadership require strong citizenship in both men and women, as they are the key actors in the prosperity and advancement of the United Arab Emirates. Achieving strong citizenship strengthens the bond between the home country and the citizen as well as highlights the nobility of Giving.

Giving, particularly renewed giving, represents a cornerstone of Her Highness’s personality renewed in the sense of building and developing personal, academic, and professional capabilities, in all fields and at all levels, whether locally, regionally, or internationally.



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