Technology and the Future of Energy

Annual Energy Conference 18

  • 12 - 13 November 2012

The ECSSR 18th Annual Energy Conference identified prevailing trends in the development of energy technologies with the aim of charting their potential role in shaping the future of world energy demand and supply. It also evaluated the impact of technology on the future of energy in the Arabian Gulf region specifically and the global energy sector as a whole.

The first day of the conference addressed the role of technology in the global energy system. It examined the dynamics of changes in global energy supply and demand, as well as investment trends in energy technology. It also investigated the impact of technological development on energy self-reliance among countries and regions, after which the focus shifted to prevailing trends in the development of energy technologies and their associated impacts on various aspects of the oil and gas, nuclear, and renewable energy sectors.

On the second day of the conference, discussions were held on technological challenges and opportunities in energy-intensive sectors, reviewing potential applications for emerging technologies and their projected costs in the areas of power generation, construction and housing, transport and communication, and manufacturing and industry. It then assessed the potential implications of new technologies for the oil-producing countries of the Arabian Gulf, providing in-depth analysis of political, social, economic, financial and environmental considerations.