No. 3

The Impact of the Information and Communication Revolution on Society and State in the Arab World

  • 4 - 7 January 1997

This Conference provided a unique forum for the exchange of ideas regarding the impact of modern communication technology and the conceptual dimensions of the challenges facing the society and states of the Arab world in the coming century. Recognizing the growing importance of the Middle East – particularly the Gulf – in the international sphere, the Conference sought to shed light upon the ways in which the information and communication revolution could be harnessed to better serve the current and future goals and developmental programs of the Gulf countries. The proceedings of the Conference addressed several strategic themes, including: mass communication and the role of media and information in the formulation of the political process; the role of giant news agencies; the development of enterprises in the information age; and the conceptual dimensions of a global community.

An innovative exhibition displaying the latest advancements in telecommunications, satellite programming, electronic simulations, and computer graphics was also included along the sidelines of the Conference.