Education has to be relevant and practical

  • 8 October 2010

There has been a lot of discussion on the state of the UAE's educational system and the means to improving it. Yet if the needs of the nation are to be addressed properly, all the concerned parties are required to be part of the process.

A group of experts exchanged ideas on the topic at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research conference titled ‘Education in the UAE, Current Status and Future Development' held in Abu Dhabi recently. This particular topic would always be of interest not only to educators, but also to parents as much as the concerned authorities.

The progress that the educational sector in the UAE has witnessed over the last four decades, has served as an indicator to the importance it received. So much so, that the UAE is considered to be one of the largest investors in education within the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

Nevertheless, there is much more to be achieved. For one thing, educators are challenged today to provide a school education that is relevant and fulfilling to the requirements of a country that continues its developing process. To build the future of the UAE, the educational system has to be equipped with the right tools to make this happen. Hence, any reform or change to the system has to incorporate relevancy and practicality.

In addition, education is a process that does not exist in a vacuum. There has to be a two-way interaction between educators, parents, students, and the authorities. And this highlights the crucial link that has to be established between schools and universities so that their overall operations are bound together to serve long-term strategies.

After all, education should provide a pathway to the future but should never become a field for experimentation that is carried out disregarding its surrounding environment.