ECSSR hosts Gulf Energy Conference on Monday

  • 18 November 2007

Future Gulf energy sources will come under discussion during the 13th Annual Energy Conference to be held Monday in Abu Dhabi by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR).

The conference this year will deal with the issue of: "Future Gulf Energy Sources: Hydrocarbon, Nuclear or Renewable?"

According to organisers, the three-day conference comes at a time when the countries of the Gulf face increasing energy and electricity requirements in the coming decades because of rapid industrialization, economic development and population growth.

At the same time, the ECSSR says, the international community is becoming more aware of the dangers of excessive and inefficient energy use. Industrial, commercial and domestic energy use per capita in the GCC is among the highest in the world and in the UAE it is eleven times the world average.

"This increasing demand will put greater pressure on Gulf governments to provide energy. This conference aims to shed light on what the future energy situation could be for the GCC states in the coming decades, and seeks to provide some ideas on how future electricity requirements can be satisfied in the safest, most efficient, innovative and sustainable way" it adds.

In order to address the significant issues related to the availability future energy sources in the Gulf region, the ECSSR has invited a select group of experts, executives, academics and specialized analysts of various nationalities and professional expertise, "renowned in scholarly circles," to participate in the conference and to discuss the energy requirements of the Arabian Gulf countries in the future and means of satisfying the accelerating increase in demand.

Research papers tackling a host of related topics-including the expected future energy demands of the GCC countries, the importance of reducing future energy requirements, nuclear energy as an alternative to hydrocarbons in generating power and management of the region?s oil and gas resources-will be presented during the event.