ECSSR Holds Brainstorming Session on ‘Terrorism and Organized Crime’ in Cooperation with the Ministry of Interior

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) organized a brainstorming session, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, on ‘Terrorism and Organized Crime’. A group of experts and specialized researchers took part in the session on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

The brainstorming session was organized as part of the ECSSR’s primary responsibility to serve decision-makers by proposing in-depth strategic insights and informed recommendations on various issues related to the United Arab Emirates. These insights help leaders make decisions based on accurate information and data, following informed and sound recommendations.

With its focus on ‘Terrorism and Organized Crime’, the brainstorming session took on paramount importance. Terrorism is one of the most dangerous challenges today, and around the world every effort is exerted to combat it. The threat of terrorism is even greater when associated with other dangers, such as organized crime. Terrorist groups capitalize on human trafficking, the arms trade, drug smuggling and kidnapping operations, in order to finance and support their operations and activities.

The session’s insights and suggestions for tackling the dangers of terrorism and organized crime will eventually help support UAE efforts to counter this threat. At the national level, the UAE works hard to promote broad legal frameworks that combat terrorism funding, money laundering and the funding of unlawful organizations. Internationally, the UAE promotes cooperation between regional and international organizations in combating terrorism and organized crime, particularly in terms of financial support. The ECSSR will hold further sessions with the Ministry of Interior to discuss issues and topics related to terrorism and organized crime.