ECSSR book wins Al Owais award

  • 14 April 2010

The Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) has won the Al Owais Award for Studies and Scientific Innovation for best publication about the UAE for its book Britain and Its Administration of the Trucial States, 1947-1965.

The book was released in 2008 and authored by Mona Mohammad Al Hammadi.

Dr Jamal Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the ECSSR, said: "We are proud of this new award which will be added to the long record of honours the ECSSR has bagged since its creation in 1994."

British administration of the Trucial States, which became the UAE after independence in 1971, passed through two stages. The first began with Britain's ambitions in the region from 1820-1846, when Britain oversaw its interests in the region via the East India Company and later via the British government itself. The second stage began with the end of British rule in India, following independence in 1947, until the foundation of the UAE.


This book investigates in detail the question of Britain's administration of the Trucial States and spans the period from 1947, when administering the affairs of the Gulf region shifted to the British Foreign Office in London to 1965, when the presidency of the Council of the Trucial States moved to the rulers of the Emirates an office once held by the British Political Commissioner.

The book also attempts to analyse British policies and their transformations over a period which had witnessed several administrative developments, and have contributed to the country's historical development ever since.