H.E. Dr. Sultan Mohammed Al-Nuaimi

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), which was established on March 14, 1994, reflects our wise leadership’s vision and absolute faith in the importance of academic research as a foundation of nation building and a cornerstone of sustainable development. The Center’s key objectives focus on supporting the decision-making process, serving the community, conducting in-depth studies on issues of interest to the UAE, as well as other matters of vital importance, regionally and globally.

Since its establishment, the Center has sought to enhance joint cooperation across the various government organizations. It aims to consolidate national institutional integration that supports achieving our country’s goals in all areas. The ECSSR is keen to strengthen this cooperation for the common good of our beloved homeland. The Center has joint cooperation agreements with several distinguished research, political and strategic studies centers in a number of brotherly Arab and friendly countries. These agreements aim to develop research through an exchange of knowledge and expertise that informs the process of academic research, regionally and globally.

In light of the proud achievements the ECSSR has achieved, and the unique position it occupies, the Center has become the focus of attention among officials, researchers and professionals all over the world. In addition, its various activities, which include annual conferences, seminars, symposia and lectures, as well as daily analytical bulletins, periodicals and books in both Arabic and English, receive considerable interest from thinkers and intellectuals worldwide.

Within this context, the ECSSR reaffirms its leading scholarly and academic status, sparing no effort to maintain its standing among scientific entities that seek to promote research and studies in line with the very latest political, social, economic and health-related developments. This serves to strengthen concepts of comprehensive security. Therefore, the Center’s ambition at this stage is to focus on studies pertinent to these areas, as well as training national personnel and experts, equipping them with research and knowledge skills, and building a new generation capable of monitoring, understanding and tackling challenges. This is in line with the vision of our wise leadership, which strives to see the UAE attain the highest position, in all fields worldwide, as we celebrate the nation’s centennial anniversary.

The ECSSR is moving forward along a remarkable path, confidently promoting and developing national personnel, providing all means to ensure their excellence and distinction, while living up to the expectations of the nation and leadership. The ECSSR will continue in its relentless efforts to improve its working mechanisms, adopt innovative approaches and take into account the latest developments. The Center strives to maintain its position as a key player in supporting the UAE’s comprehensive development process, emphasizing its status as a prominent think tank, locally, regionally and internationally.