Conference on 'Defending against Security Threats'

Conference on 'Defending against Security Threats'

  • 8 November 2012

Increasing political and social tension, as well as growing levels of organized crime and terrorism, fuel the need for better protection of valuable assets and the maintenance of collective stability. The unequal distribution of limited resources – such as primary energy and food – render those in possession of these vital assets a prominent target for terrorists and criminals.

What is more worrying is the fact that security scenarios have changed significantly. Our high-tech world is based on an increasing dependency on the Internet, software solutions and wireless communications, which now represent the Achilles’ heel of countries, governments, private and public institutions and individuals – a vulnerability that can be easily exploited remotely by invisible aggressors anywhere in the world. High-frequency trading and other forms of high-speed mass data emission can destroy values in seconds and cause financial systems to collapse within minutes.

Critical infrastructure such as airports, seaports, oil and gas plants and pipelines, drinking water facilities, banking and trading systems and other valuable assets require new solutions to defend against security threats.

The need to stay one step ahead at all times, and to anticipate and defend against potential threats of all kinds, was the key focus of the conference. Under the umbrella of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology’s export initiative for the security industry, and in cooperation with Siebenburg International, the ECSSR hosted a number of German experts who discussed state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to defend against contemporary security threats.

A live hacking performance was demonstrated on how to defend against cyber-crime, while other topics included maintaining the security of sensitive transport systems, protection of infrastructure using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, detection systems for personnel, vehicles and valuable assets, airport security, and data systems protection.

The event concluded with business-to-business meetings in the afternoon.