'By defending Yemen, UAE defending own security'

  • 19 October 2015

The Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research has organised a lecture to educate students about the United Arab Emirates' role in the efforts that the Saudi-led Arab Coalition is making to restore legitimacy in Yemen.

The lecture is one in a series of meetings co-organised by the ECSSR and the Ministry of Education to engage students in a national dialogue about the priorities of the UAE's national security.

In the lecture at the Al Mualla Girls' High School, Acting Director of Public Relations at the ECSSR, Nermin Qanbar, explained that the UAE's participation in the Coalition's operations in Yemen to restore stability and security to Yemen were mandated by a number of factors.

Citing close connection between the security of the UAE and the security of Yemen, the lecturer said, "By defending Yemen's territory, the UAE is defending its own security and the prosperity and  stability of its people."

"Military intervention was the last resort for the Arab Coalition.

“The UAE sought to avoid military confrontation in Yemen and presented several initiatives for peaceful settlement of the Yemeni crisis, but because of the intransigence of the Houthis, their disrespect for all agreements and their plans to seize control of all Yemen, military action had to be taken to curtail their danger."

The lecturer also cited defending pan-Arab national security, putting an end to the dangerous Iranian expansion in the region, preventing Iran from destroying Yemen after it destroyed Iraq and Lebanon, defending Islamic sanctuaries and backing Saudi Arabia to protect it from the threats of the Houthis, as other main reasons why the UAE is participating in the Arab Coalition's operations in Yemen.

"Whatever threatens Saudi Arabia is treated as a direct threat to the United Arab Emirates because Saudi Arabia is the first frontline for fending off any dangers to the security of the United Arab Emirates and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)," the lecturer added.