Bahraini-UAE Media Cooperation Symposium Launched

  • 6 January 2014

A two-day joint symposium today was held on the (Bahraini-UAE media cooperation under the current challenges in the Arab region) at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Researches (ECSSR) in Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA).

ECSSR's Director General, Dr. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi, in his opening speech, said the media has been witnessing a rapid transformation because of the information revolution and its applications in the media field.

He explained the two-day symposium discusses the importance of media cooperation between the Bahrain and UAE.

He noted the role of media in the events taking place in the region, the role of satellite channels in tossing crises and unrests as well as influencing the public opinion and the role of the social media in understanding the internal crises taking place in some countries in the region.

He commended the UAE's keenness to provide support necessary to maintain Bahrain's security and stability, noting bilateral media cooperation and the two countries' capable media expertise in addressing the unfair propaganda aimed at detering Bahrain's development march.

The symposium first session discussed the importance of media cooperation in facing domestic challenges, where Bahraini writer and columnist Sawsan Al-Sha'ar spoke about extremist religious groups, social networking war, role of media in covering events in a negative way that adversely affect the stats' security and stability and the role of civil societies in influencing the public opinion.

The second session discussed the importance of media cooperation in facing external threats, where Al-Bilad Newspaper Editor-in-Chief, Moanes Al-Murdi, pointed out the plots have targeted the Gulf Arab countries and the need to be vigilant and pay attention to the sleeping cells and politicized human rights organizations, and the role of external media in dealing with the issues of the region.

Rashid Al-Auraimi asserted the Gulf cooperation is not an option, but it is the foundation of stability.

The open discussion focused on the need for a common Gulf media policy based on a strategic plan supported by the GCC governments, while participants called for the ECSSR to establish media plans and strategies go along with the accelerating requirements in the Gulf region.