Arab League Secretary General Calls for ‘Arab Union’

  • 28 February 2014

Arab League Secretary General Dr Nabil Elaraby on Wednesday called for a European Union-like platform for the entire Arab world. In a lecture at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), Dr Elaraby said Arab countries should develop a common policy to help solve political, economical, social and security problems.

“We are facing internal and regional challenges because of the Arab world’s strategic location and its global importance. Arab countries are surrounded by technologically advanced countries such as Iran, Turkey and others that have ambitions. Therefore, it is time we unite and have a common goal,” Elaraby told the audience that included diplomats and senior government officials.

He also said the UN Security Council has been unable to discharge its responsibilities when it comes to the issues pertaining to the Arab countries. “The reason for this is the misuse of the veto power by the permanent members that always leads to a catastrophic failure of the collective security system,” he added.

All these problems can only be solved when all Arab countries work jointly. “All these challenges make it necessary that we form a platform like the European Union (EU) and the African (AU) Union. We are capable of this if we have the vision and will on developing a common Arab policy.”

The Arab League official further gave the example of how the EU was formed. “I’m very sorry to say that even African countries work more seriously than us, and I hope this will change the Arab world mentality,” he said. No Arab country stands alone. “Therefore, an EU- and AU-like organisation is necessary for Arab countries to deal with all these challenges and problems.”