Akhbar Al Sa'a: Gulf security an integral part of Arab nations' security

  • 5 July 2015

Akhbar Al Sa'a, the News of the Hour Bulletin, has said that the Interior Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States have, at the conclusion of their extraordinary meeting last Thursday, confirmed the unity of the GCC countries in the face of terrorist attacks from whatever source, and that the security of Gulf societies should not be separated from the Arab nations' security.

It added that the GCC countries will remain 'invincible to terrorists and criminals'.

The bulletin confirmed that the extraordinary meeting concerning security and the ability of GCC Ministers of the Interior to face the dangers of terrorism and its criminal intentions, particularly after the terrorist attacks that targeted mosques in both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, refers to the fact that the GCC countries recognise the seriousness of the challenges they face, and can move to thwart the objectives of these terrorist groups, particularly in their stirring up sectarian strife and disturbing the homogenous social fabric of peoples in the region, as well as targeting the present and future of the coming generation.

The bulletin, issued by the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, ECSSR, said that the meeting of the GCC Interior Ministers, which was held in Kuwait, was in immediate response to threats to the national unity of the peoples of the GCC countries and the region, and the decisions of these meetings confirm the need for coordination and cooperation in all measures and steps designed to address the serious scourge of terrorism.

In conclusion, the editorial said that the GCC Interior Ministers also stressed the need to redouble Arab and international efforts to address the threat of terrorism and work to eradicate it with coordination and cooperation in the field of combating and drying up its funding, through the intensification of communication channels, and coordination and cooperation between the relevant agencies in the GCC and their counterparts in other countries of the world in order to eliminate the scourge of terrorism.

The editorial also said that religious scholars and the media have a responsibility to give guidance and advice to clarify the true image of the message of Islam and its tolerant principles of moderation from extremism and violence.