Akhbar Al Sa'a: Emirates is a Motivating Force for Global Growth

  • 6 April 2014

The Akhbar Al Sa'a (News of the Hour) Bulletin, has affirmed that the U.A.E. has become a model of prosperous development and a promising commercial power, which has a pivotal role in reshaping the global trading system, thanks to successful trade policies and an ideal investment climate and positive economic performance. All these factors come together and mingle with the ambitious economic and development visions of the U.A.E.'s wise leadership.

Under the title: "Emirates is a motivating force for global growth", the bulletin said that the U.A.E. now stands at the forefront of Arab countries, ranked in 16th position among the countries of the world most empowering for trade, according to the recent classification issued by the World Economic Forum in its annual Global Enabling Trade Report, which assesses the performance of countries according to their level of efficiency and quality of their trade policies.

The bulletin, issued by the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, ECSSR, added that the this classification has significant importance at a global level, especially currently, when the world is going through a state of economic and financial instability with major traditional economies suffering weakness in domestic consumerism.

The bulletin concluded that this role not only reflects positively on the national economy of the U.A.E., but is also beneficial to regional economies, making the U.A.E. a force that stimulates global growth, becoming a focal point for new World Trade.