Akhbar Al Sa'a: Emirates and Human Empowerment

  • 17 May 2015

The Akhbar Al Sa'a, News of the Hour Bulletin, has said that the latest report issued by the World Economic Forum on the development of human capital of countries, and its decision to place the United Arab Emirates in first place in the Arab world in the development of individuals' abilities, involves great importance with regards to its leadership stature at both the regional and international level, not only with respect to building human capabilities, but in all areas.

The bulletin, issued by the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, ECSSR, concluded its editorial by saying that the success of the UAE in the field of building human capacities, and empowering them, is only a small part of the success of its comprehensive development model applied since the union's inception at the beginning of the nineteen seventies, which will remain, without doubt, its way toward transition to a better future.