Akbar Al Sa'a: Anti-discriminatory law promotes UAE's coexistence model

  • 21 July 2015

Akhbar Al Sa'a, the News of the Hour Bulletin, has said that the Anti-Discriminatory Law, issued yesterday by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, promotes the Emirati coexistence model, which, through its contents, guarantees equality among members of society and criminalises discrimination among individuals or groups on the basis of religion, creed, doctrine, denomination, caste, race, colour or ethnic origin.

Under the headline, "Anti-discriminatory law promotes UAE coexistence model", the bulletin in its editorial today said that the UAE has been able to provide a unique model of coexistence and multiculturalism, where its demographic composition includes a mixture of nationalities living in complete compatibility despite differences among them in relation to culture, religion and race. This model has received great attention from the wise leadership, which spares no effort in working for the promotion of coexistence and compatibility through a variety of initiatives, mechanisms, frameworks, laws and legislation."

The bulletin, issued by the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, ECSSR, said that the new anti-discriminatory law reinforces this model and establishes the exterior image of Emirates as an active party in promoting a culture of global coexistence and dialogue among different civilisations and cultures. At the same time, the law also stresses the UAE's ability to provide a civilized image of the principles of the Islamic religion, contrary to those that promote injustice for Arab and Islamic culture as a source of extremism, violence and terrorism in the world.

The Bulletin concluded its editorial by saying that the Anti-discriminatory law reflects clearly the outstanding role played by the UAE in bolstering coexistence and moderation values as a strong wall in the face of tendencies of extremism and violence, which seek to revive the clash of civilisations and religions, demonstrating that the UAE is on the road to building a global culture which respects beliefs and religions and believes in global humanitarian coexistence.