A Specialized Workshop for GCC Media Personnel

A Specialized Workshop for GCC Media Personnel

  • 22 June 2009

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) hosted a specialized workshop for media personnel (Correspondents) in the GCC countries on June 22-23, 2009. The workshop was organized by the National Media Council in association with the ECSSR. It focused on ways and mechanisms to project a positive image of the GCC countries abroad.

In this regard, Director General of the ECSSR H.E. Dr. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi  pointed out the importance of this  specialized workshop at this point in time, as there was an urgent need for the GCC media to respond to Western overtures towards the Muslim world and to find common grounds. He also asserted that the ECSSR was employing its scientific and technical expertise in serving the vital interests of the UAE and GCC countries. In fact, the ECSSR believes in the important role that strategic research institutions play in enhancing performance, policy planning and in setting right any problems at the execution phase in all levels.

The activities of the workshop was scheduled for two days. The first day comprised of three main sessions. The first session defined the concept of “stereotypical image”. The second session shed light on the role of mass media in building “stereotypical image”.  Then, an open forum for discussion over the “stereotypical image of GCC countries abroad” was scheduled.  The second day also held three main sessions. The first session dealt with the role of foreign media organizations in building stereotypical image of GCC countries abroad. The second session addressed the present reality and the future prospects of cooperation between foreign media organizations in the GCC countries. An open workshop run by Mohammed Khalfan al-Sawafi from the ECSSR was scheduled thereafter.